Because 15 courses just isn’t enough

Yesterday was a pretty easy day, which we definitely needed. We spent most of the day shopping for souvenirs, wandering the busy streets of Insadong and Namdaemun. For lunch we stopped by the Lotte food court and chowed on some noodles with seafood then went to a nearby Starbucks to relax and do some people watching. The Starbucks in Korea are waaaaay nicer than in the US by the way. Much bigger, cleaner, awesomer in every way (if you’re into the whole massive chain Starbucks thing). Even my usual Earl Grey Tea Latte was instead a LAVENDER Earl Grey.

For dinner our new friend Donald at the hotel recommended we try a nearby restaurant for a traditional Korean meal. Little did we know that this included a SIXTEEN COURSE DINNER including traditional Korean performances on a stage in the restaurant. Insane. Have you ever eaten sixteen courses? Let me tell you, its a lot. Some highlights were: an entire grilled fish with sauce, spicy pork, raspberry salad, sashimi, the list goes on and on.

part of our 16 course dinner