Crisis Averted

So last night Dad and I looked to the hotel for some advice on dinner. Our trusty friend Stacey from the Marriott recommended we try a restaurant on our way to the Seoul Tower. The specialty here was Korean deep fried pork (kinda like pork tempura?) smothered in a type of gravy with a side of lettuce in pink sauce and rice. As we sat down to eat a sudden look of terror swept over my dad’s face. “I DON’T HAVE MY CELL PHONE”, he yelled. He had left it in the cab. After about 10 minutes of stress and 9 calls to his cell phone later, my dad looked up and the cab driver appeared in the restaurant with his phone. He was our cell phone savior. I don’t think this would happen anywhere else. Korean cab drivers are awesome.

After dinner we went up to the Seoul Tower. The tower is 777 feet high and you have to take a cable car to the base, then stairs to the actual tower, then an elevator to get to the top. Phew! But, the view of Seoul at night was beautiful. Apparently this tower is a total hot spot for couples though. The fence around the top is covered in locks that couples decorate to symbolize their love. Check out the picture!