How do you say “I’m absolutely exhausted” in Korean?

I’m sitting here in the hotel with sore feet and drooping eyelids but I think that’s only a sign of a successful day.

First thing today we went over to Myeong-Dong, a major shopping district in Seoul. There were huge department stores, side streets with small boutiques, and even sider side streets with wonderfully aromatic food. We slushed through the snow and did some shopping, finding ourselves at a department store called Latte.

But, this was no ordinary department store. In the basement was a food court!!! It was so organized with different counters for different Korean/Japanese/Etc. foods and screens calling you up to retrieve your meal. We decided on some delicious bibimbap, my favorite Korean dish of rice with veggies and meat and an egg on top, covered in hot red sauce and simmering in a stone bowl.

After lunch we went to Doosan Tower for more shopping (poor Dad…) and then to the Seoul Museum of Art which was having a special Warhol exhibit. Everything after this was a blur of hunger and exhaustion but hey, I can’t complain, I’m in Korea!