To the palace we go

We slept in this morning and set out on the subway for Changdeokgung Palace. This place was huge! I didn’t know what to expect but I was actually really impressed. The palace, built in 1405 during the 5th year reign of Joseon king Taejong, has been rebuilt multiple times due in part to Japanese invasion and was last occupied in 1989. It is beautifully painted in vibrant colors and includes a Sacred (Forbidden) Garden, king/queen chambers, slave quarters, etc. Dad of course got a kick out of all the history.

For lunch we wandered over to Insadong and picked a random restaurant which turned out to be phenomenal. How lucky are we? Dad ordered sliced pork that you wrap in mint and lettuce leaves with rice and came with a generous heap of kimchi. I on the other hand stuck with my bibimbap. We ordered plum tea which I loved and were totally stuffed.

More adventures to come….