The War between North and South

The Korean Demilitarized Zone is a strip of land running across the Korean Peninsula that acts as a buffer zone between North and South Korea. Today we joined a tour group to go visit this significant but tragic part of Korea, the most heavily militarized border in the world.

We learned the sad history of WWII and the invasions of the North, with support from Russia, into the South, killing thousands. I’ve never seen so much barbed wire in my life. We went to Imjingak Park, crossed the Unification Bridge, and drove up to the DMZ theater. The drive up was a windy road, surrounded on each side by warning signs for land mines; they aren’t messing around. Then, we actually went down the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel that North Korea dug in an attempt to surprise attack Seoul. The tunnel, discovered in 1978, is about 240 feet underground and was obviously dug by tiny Koreans because I had to crouch down to fit. We then went to Dorasan Observatory and lastly Dorasan Station, a symbol of hope for future reunification.

I wasn’t allowed to take many pictures but the sight of North Korea was unbelievable; completely desolate, without a tree in sight.

Dorasan Station, with the hope that someday a train will connect South Koreans to Pyeongyang in the North.