The weather outside is frightful, but the pig’s belly is so delightful

This morning we decided to make a trip over to Hangook Minseolcheon, a Korean Folk Village that was created in 1974 designed to show how Koreans used to live. With my excellent navigation skills and extensive Boston T riding experience, I managed to guide us seamlessly through the Korean Subway. Easy peasy (I hope you can detect the sarcasm in my typing). We’re here during the tourist off-season so the village was practically empty but we made friends with an Air Force doctor and her mom who were also visiting. It started snowing which made walking around an ancient village pretty miserable but we found refuge in some rice cake and dumpling soup for lunch.

I was cold and a little tired of cheesy performances and creepy ancient Korean mannequins so after a brief black tea latte break, Dad and I decided to escape the cold and go to the Korean National Museum (note: if a Korean subway train says express to somewhere, don’t get on it). After too long of a subway ride we found the museum which had a seriously impressive collection of historic artwork and artifacts. Those ancient Koreans sure knew what they were doing.

For dinner we had PORK BELLY—Yep, that’s right, the belly of a pig. We went to this cozy restaurant known for its pork that seemed to be run by teenagers. We sat down and immediately kimchi, soup, saucy onions, greens covered in a red sauce, tea, etc. appeared at our table. One teen strongly recommended pork belly and garlic covered pork belly, which we of course listened to, and before I knew it *BAM* sizzling pork belly and garlic cloves were cooking right on the table. It was absolutely delicious.

And now it’s snowing like crazy outside...