Maybe it's this whole driving on the wrong side thing, maybe it's the constant stop and go motions of the manual car, maybe it's the fact that I haven't been in a car since Christmas, but I am so carsick. Bleh. I have decided officially that I am living in cities for the rest of my life and never owning a car. No road trip across America for me either. I will have to somehow learn to live with the fact that I will never see the world's biggest ball of yarn or know what the heck is in those middle states (sorry Nebraska).

Tuesday was the most driving we have done yet, with only a few minor near death experiences. We drove South from Galway, through County Clare, where we took a ferry to County Kerry. The drive consisted of sheep, cows, green grass, and narrow roads but here's the highlights:

  • Dunguaire Castle: Built in 1520, this impressive, yet small castle was on our route so we decided to stop for a quick look. You can't help but admire the stone work and skill that went into making the structure, but in 1954, the castle was bought by Christobel Lady Ampthill who renovated it, adding bathrooms, roofs, and her personal furniture. An underwater river runs outside and around the castle, creating a moat and providing an endless supply of fresh water so it makes sense why the original owners picked this location near Kinvarra.
  • Random tiny Irish town: All of the boats were stranded on land, actually, it was more just stuck in mud. My dad really couldn't get over this. We had to stop and take pictures of the crazy low tide. 

  • A.E. O'Donohue: Hunger finally got the best of us so we stopped at a random 10 person town and walked into this restaurant for a quick bite. Low and behold, these were the best fish and chips with mushed mint peas I've had in Ireland yet. Who would have thought?
  • Cliffs of Mohr: These spectacular cliffs in the Southwest corner of Ireland were breathtaking, overlooking the corny visitor center or the fact that you have to pay a ridiculous amount to see them. The cliffs drop straight down into the frigid waters below and I am told they look amazing at sunset. I made sure to stay very far from the edge. Apparently there is a puffin colony at the Cliffs of Mohr, but I did not see a single puffin... Can I have my money back?

  • Dinner in Killarney: Blackened salmon. Enough said. Mmm.