It's a good day for a Guinness

The theme of Day Two in Dublin went a little something like this: Drink, drink, eat, drink. We woke up not-so-bright-and-early and after some much needed tea/coffee and breakfast crepes, headed over to the Guinness Storehouse, a tourist hotspot in Dublin. Not too familiar with Guinness history? Let me give you a quick idea of how big a deal this beer is:
  • In 1759 Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000-year lease on an unused brewery at St. James’s Gate in Dublin, the very same Guinness Storehouse we visited today.
  • The building's seven stories are actually designed in the shape of a Guinness that if full, would hold around 14.3 million pints.
  • There is an art to pouring a perfect pint of Guinness: 45 degree tilt, 3/4 fill, let it sit, top off! 
  • Guinness is brewed in more than 150 countries including Nigeria where apparently, as our cab driver told us, pregnant women drink it for health reasons (I might have to check the accuracy of this one).
  • Over 10 million glasses are sold every day... That's a lot. 
After a decent amount of free Guinness, we explored downtown Dublin, past cathedrals, castles, and even an O'Sullivan's Pub (I bet you didn't see that one coming). Per the recommendation of my friend Hilary, we went to The Brazen Head for dinner, the official oldest pub in Ireland, dating back to 1198. People were drinking here long before the United States was even thought of. Crazy. Sure, the stews and brew at The Brazen Head were tasty, but the real fun started after dinner, at The Temple Bar (the bar, not the area). 

While I'm sure it's favored more by tourists than locals, The Temple Bar Pub was really fun. The live band (with the World Record Holder for longest time playing guitar at 115 hours) blasted 80's music while drunken people bounced along, pints in hand. It was crowded, smokey, loud, and awesome. Plenty of ciders and beers later, we stumbled back to the hotel like the true (somewhat) Irish we are. 

Photo via: popartuk