Luck of the Irish: Dublin

One lost passport, one missed flight, one flight to London, one flight to Dublin, and an enormous amount of jetlag later, my dad and I found ourselves in Ireland.

To be honest, I really didn't think we'd ever make it here. A trip to Ireland seemed like one of those things you talk about doing, but never actually follow through with (such as a promised trip to Africa to see the soccer world cup, but let's not get into that).

We arrived in Dublin, the biggest city in Southern Ireland,  on Friday; completely exhausted and starving from a long two days of country hopping. After settling in O'Callaghan's Hotel near Trinity College, we set out to wander the crowded streets, strolling past bustling bars, pubs, and restaurants galore. For dinner, we settled on The Porter House, a towering restaurant/pub in Temple Bar area.

Of course, I went straight for the fish n' chips and a nice cold pint of Temple Brau. What'd you expect? I would say that these were the second best fish n' chips I've ever had. Nothing, not even actual Irish food, beats Andrew Whiteman's cooking.