Culture Shock, Crumpets, and More

I visited London with my family back in 2006 for a week long vacation. I remember being dragged endlessly through museums, poking at what some considered good food, and feeling trapped like fish in a bowl on the top of the London Eye. It's been five years since then, but I somehow wound up back in London, this time to live in the city, go to school, and become one with the English culture. Looking at old pictures (left top) it's hilarious to see how much I have changed as a person. What once seemed like a tedious chore forced upon me, has now turned into my life passion: travel.

My roommates and I have concluded that life in London isn't reality at all. At least, no reality we've ever known at Boston University. Days here are spent wandering the cobbled streets of the city, tasting new foods and photographing everything in sight. Nights are unpredictable as is always best. One minute we are at a pub having a few ciders, the next we are at a members only club overlooking the horizon. Critically acclaimed plays on weekdays? Sure! Paris for a weekend? Why not! Our British lives are over-indulgent, fantastical, and passing by at an alarming pace.

Highlights so far:
Did I mention that this is only the second week? We've all had our mild forms of culture shock, whether it be illness or a desire to be surrounded by loud Americans, but if our newfound love for crumpets says anything, I think we are going to be okay. Tomorrow the roommates and I leave for Paris, France for the weekend. Sure, our hostel was suspiciously sketchy and sure we have to catch an excruciatingly early train in the morning, but it will all be worth it when I have my first champignons et fromage crepe on the Champs Élysées.