Happy cows come from Ireland

It is seriously difficult finding fast Internet in Ireland. As I type this, I am drinking some Bulmers Irish Cider, sitting in The Lord Kingsale Pub, where my room for the night is conveinently upstairs. Thats the great thing about Ireland, alcohol and housing are a 2-in-one kind of deal.

So today we left Kenmare and headed back on the road (bleh), passing more cows lying in the green grass than I could ever count. From the looks of it, happy cows come from Ireland, definitely not California. We found ourselves stopping on the way to check out some touristy shops on the side of the road where Dad looked for a comfy wood sweater. One more stop included a small town for a massive fish and chips sandwich, and another stop at Drombeg Stone Circle, an ancient site of Stonehenge-esque structures in the middle of nowhere, Ireland. According to the Internet, this ancient druid's altar is Ireland's most famous stone circle but little is known of its origin.

We decided to spend the night in Kinsale, a town on the way to our final destination, Cork. Kinsale is right on the water, with a long dock crowded by every kind of boat you can imagine. But for a Thursday night, the town was strangely silent. I expected more out of you Kinsale, I really did. For dinner we went to a fancy restaurant hidden up on a hill, but I wasn't too thrilled with the menu and deemed my food unworthy of picture taking. To be fair though, Dad did like his lamb skewers.