Oxford & Cotswolds

With my time in London rapidly coming to an end, I figured I had better start checking things off my bucket list; so, I decided to go on the last BU hosted social program outing to Oxford & Cotswolds. Jason and I woke up at the crack of dawn and dragged ourselves onto the double decker bus (thanks BU) and fell back asleep immediately. When we woke up, we realized we definitely weren't in London anymore. Gone were the claustrophobic crowds in the tube, honking taxi cabs, and city streets. Instead, we were transported to Cotswolds which is what you probably always imagined England would look like: quaint, stone buildings surrounded by green fields with fluffy sheep roaming everywhere. 

Oxford was another story. The massive Gothic architecture completely blew my mind. The campus was beautiful and it made perfect sense that this was the set of the Harry Potter films and the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland. My friends Jason, Brian, and I dined on some interesting Pieminister meat pies (totally made me think of Sweeney Todd... gross, I know) then toured the school's Christ Church. I, of course, invested in an Oxford sweatshirt and we made a quick stop at The Eagle and Child pub where JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis supposedly hung out. 

It was a great escape from London and sleep deprivation aside, I'm really glad got to see different parts of England and check this off my list before I leave (IN NINETEEN DAYS!). Wow, time has really flown by.