To the Market We Go

Ever since my return from Italy, maybe even a little before that too, my resentment toward anything British had been steadily increasing. According to my roommate Brynn, I was experiencing my own manifestation of culture shock. According to me, I was realizing just how disappointing British food really is.

Perhaps it's because I'm living on an American college student's budget, (the pound is evil) but British cuisine was seriously starting to make me resent everything about London. I found myself becoming frustrated with people driving on the wrong side of the road, with how they call arugula "rocket", and I even took my anger out on St. Paul's Cathedral and it's agonizing one million stairs to the top (That might be an exaggeration, but seriously, have you gone to the top? Don't). But what all of my hate for England boiled down to was the food. A girl can only eat Pret a Manger or store bought pasta so many times.

But then I found the markets.

The weekend markets, as corny as it sounds, reignited my love for London. Stalls upon stalls of worldly foods, simmering loudly, wafting amazing scents into the air. How can you not love that? There's huge pans of bright yellow seafood paella, bubbling rounds of cheese put on top of potatoes and pickles, massive lamb sandwiches, colorful assortments of Turkish delight, rows of homemade jams, spicy shrimp pad thai, the list goes on and on. What impresses me, aside from the wide variety of foods at these markets, is the freshness and affordable prices. My new favorite thing to do in London on the weekend is go to a market, wander around with a hot mulled cider or wine, sample EVERYTHING, and buy an amazing lunch that I never would have found in a grocery store or would have been able to make myself. Markets are by far my favorite part of studying abroad in London.

Want to check out the markets for yourself? My suggestions are:
Next stop: Camden Market

The best lamb sandwich you will ever have (from Borough Market).