Next Stop: Argentina!

After four months living in London and travelling to IrelandFranceItalyPrague, and Spain in my spare time, I really thought my travel days were over, for a while at least. Boy, I was wrong.

My best friend from high school, Nicole, is currently studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The land of sunshine, mouth-watering beef, and sexy tango dancing. I mentioned this to my family and absent-mindedly hinted that I would love to visit Nicole while she's living in South America. Rarely do I have the opportunity to visit a friend foreign country, let alone my best friend in Argentina! In a crazy turn of events, my Granny D and Grandpa were generous enough to grant my wish... round trip trickets to Buenos Aires for spring break!

So, not only am I the the luckiest granddaughter ever, but I am actually visiting South America for the first time! That's one more continent to check off the list. Four down, three to go!

I'll be on a plane in a mere 18 days and feel completely unprepared. Between school, job hunting, and trying to enjoy my senior year at Boston University, I've had no time to research my trip! Where should I visit? What should I do? Do I even remember my 6 years of Spanish classes? All of that aside, I am so excited for this amazing opportunity. The opportunity to see Nicole, to visit South America, to relearn Spanish, to write amazing blog posts, to take thousands of pictures, and of course, to try new, delicious foods.

How will this compare to my spring break in Seoul, South Korea? We'll see!

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