My relationship with Saus began last year when I was assigned to do an integrated communication campaign for a writing class. I had heard of this new restaurant opening in Boston and thought it would be the perfect client for my campaign. 

That new restaurant was Saus, a Belgian street food eatery that eventually opened its doors March 2011 near Government Center in Boston, MA. What makes Saus stand out among the competition is not only its unique Belgian twist, but the fact that everything on the menu is homemade and fresh. There's a true sense of authenticity and personality at Saus, which made them a pleasure to work with (the A grade on my campaign didn't hurt either). 

A year later I am still a huge fan of Saus. Nowhere else in Boston can I find scrumptious and cheap poutine or caramel drenched Belgian waffles. As a dedicated customer, I have kept in contact with Saus co-owner Renee, which brings me to the present day. 

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend a tasting at Saus to try and critique the new menu. Being the total foodie that I am, I obviously couldn't turn down an opportunity for free food. So, I dragged along my amazingly talented chef friend Andrew and made my way to the tasting. I chatted it up with some fellow food bloggers like The Boston Foodie and got a sneak peak at some exciting new Saus creations.

Highlights of the tasting:

  • Sloppy Jacques Sandwich: Ground beef braised in tomatoes, bacon, onions, Slumbrew Porter Square Porter on a toasted french roll - This was super sloppy but equally as tasty. With a hint of chocolate and bacon, the Sloppy Jacque is sure to ruin your shirt but leave you reminiscing about the sloppy joe's of your childhood. 
  • Chicken Sate Pocket Sandwich: Mixed greens, parsley vinaigrette, chopped peanuts, "pindasaus" stuffed in a whole wheat pocked - The chicken sate in this little pita pocket blew my mind away. The Asian-inspired peanut flavors only make better. 
  • Liege Potato Salad: Green beans, bacon, onion - I love green beans and I'm a sucker for anything with bacon in it. This was a clear winner for me. 

Saus is located at 33 Union St. and open Monday through Wednesday 12pm-10pm, Thursday until 12am, Friday and Saturday until 2am, and Sundays until 8pm. It's the perfect afternoon snack, or late night drunk food. Take my advice, grab a friend, and go try the new menu, as well as some of Saus's signature pommes frites. Let me know what you think!

Image via Saus