Why I Love Foodspotting

It's not a secret... I love food. I love eating food, making food, talking about food with anyone who will listen to me. The smell, the taste, the element of the unexpected, it's all great. Something I also happen to love is social media. Put these two things together and what do you have? Foodspotting!

Foodspotting is "a visual guide to good food and where to find it". My friends and I used to fantasize about a website where anyone could look up quality restaurants in any city, and in my opinion Foodspotting has risen to the occasion. Using this website and iphone/iPad/Android/Blackberry app, anyone can simply set up a free account to share images of food they love. You can read recommendations, view popular dishes before you order them, connect with other food lovers and create lists of dishes you're dying to try from anywhere in the world.

Say you want to find a great new restaurant, just "Foodspot"-it! When I was in Ireland recently, on an epic road trip across the country with my dad, we made a habit of visiting small towns along our route. The only problem we faced time after time was not being able to find a restaurant for a decent price with a menu we could both agree on. Finally it dawned on me to use my Foodspotting iPhone app to find the perfect restaurant. All I had to do was explore by location, and scroll through the dozens of photo posts to find a restaurant that actually looked scrumptious. What better way to decide where to eat than by looking at pictures of what you would eat? We had some great meals thanks to Foodspotting, and I'd like to think that maybe some other people were inspired by my "spotting" as well.

Founded in 2009 by Alexa Andrzejewski from Adaptive Path, Ted Grubb from Get Satisfaction and Soraya Darabi from New York Times, Foodspotting has rapidly gained popularity. In August 2011, Foodspotting announced that it had surpassed the 1 million download mark, a mere 18 months after its public launch. Between this and a recent rebranding, I have no doubt that Foodspotting will continue to do amazing things, bringing people all around the globe together through food. It's truly a beautiful thing.

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photos via foodspotting