It´s All About Argentinian Steak

Day tres started off in Tango Backpackers hostel, and ended Eco Pampa hostel. Nicole and I figured, when in Buenos Aires, why not try as many hostels as possible? It's a hostel sampler! I guess I should fill you in on what happened in between...

The view from Universidad de Belgrano Nicole, being the studious student that she is, had to go to Spanish class at La Universidad de Belgrano for four hours during the day so we grabbed some empanadas pollos down the street and headed to the university. It's probably important to explain that when I am in Boston, my life is constantly go, go, go! Between my advertising internship, school, job hunting, and trying to enjoy my last few months as a college undergraduate, I barely have time to sleep. So when Nicole told me should would have to leave me for a few hours to go to class, I knew exactly what I'd do in that spare time: relax. I love adventuring,  but sometimes it can be so therapeutic to just sit and so nothing for a little bit, you know? I think we can all use a little more relaxation (preferably on a beach with a mango margarita in hand, but who am I to complain?).

After class and some much needed relaxation, Nicole and I literally ran to our hostel to change, and get ready for an early dinner. While an early-bird dinner in the United States is usually around 5:00 pm, an early-bird dinner in Buenos Aires is at 7:00 pm, which is actually pretty early compared to normal Argentinian dinners at around 9:00 or 10:00 pm. "Why were we eating so ridiculously early?" you might ask. As it turns out, popular steak restaurant La Cabrera in Palermo, hosts semi-secretive happy hours during the week from 7-8:30 pm when diners in-the-know can get mouth-watering steak dinners for 50% off the regular dinner price. We showed up right before 7:00 pm to a crowd of hungry people, all waiting outside La Cabrera for happy hour, but shoving our way to the front was completely worth it. For dinner, we ordered ojo de bife (basically a rib eye cut), an appetizer of crispy grilled provolone cheese, and red wine of course. Not only was the beef unbelievably tender and savory, but it arrived accompanied by little side dishes of olives, corn, mashed potatoes, and much more, all of which enhanced the flavor of steak, making it that much better. The entire dining experience was pretty rushed, but I would highly recommend La Cabrera to anyone for a real Argentina experience.

As for our hostels, everywhere so far has exceeded my expectations. Clean sheets, secure lockers, free breakfast, friendly roommates... What more could we ask for? Tango Backpackers was party central, with people drinking in the common area until wee hours in the morning. Eco Pampa on the other hand is quieter, more relaxed, with an overall boutique-y atmosphere. My favorite part of staying in hostels is meeting interesting, fun new people. Whether it's a circus performer from Columbia, backpacker from Germany or real estate retailer from Denmark, there's really endless possibilites when staying in hostels. Everyone loves to travel, wants to meet other people who like to travel, and just wants to have a good time. In my opinion, hostels are a fantastic way to travel.