The Good, the Strange, and the Delicious

Recently I've been seeing so many completely wonderful and odd food things on the Internet, I just couldn't help but share them with the world. I appreciate the creativity involved in these inventions. When food, culture and design come together, it's a beautiful thing. Here's a few of my favorites, some good, some strange, but most of them are just plain delicious. Let me know what you think!

Because flat plates are sooo last year

I'll admit it, I'm a little weird when it comes to my pancakes. I like my syrup on the side. There is really nothing I hate more than soggy food, especially pancakes. So, this being said, when I saw Pancake Plates, I knew I was in the presence of genius. It's so simple! These ceramic plates, which sell for $45/set of 2, are by designer Jon Wye, made to solve all of your leftover sauce/syrup needs.  Each plate has a sloped surface and small reservoir to catch leftover liquids, perfect for dipping those last few bites or in my case, keeping my syrup far from my pancakes. Via The Awesomer

One "chicken n' waffles" latte please

The chicken and waffles craze has really swept the nation lately. I've seen so many new chicken and waffles restaurants, and even a chicken and waffles food cart! Unfortunately, I haven't tried this combo for myself, but I don't see how the sweet of the waffle mixed with the salty crispy of the chicken, could be anything other than scrumptious. The historic company Torani has taken this notion to the next level with the creation of chicken n' waffles flavored syrup. According to their website, "Torani Chicken n' Waffles syrup adds that “is it chicken or is it waffles” allure to cocktails, lattes, sauces, and any deserving recipe." While I actually really want to try this stuff, I don't think that chicken n' waffles martinis will be catching on any time soon. Via Torani

Caffeine at 90 mph

For the Italian racecar driver in all of us, here is the Handpresso Auto. This scientific looking contraption is actually a hand-held espresso machine that plugs into any car's 12 volt power socket, producing premium quality espresso within minutes. Are you starting to doze off while driving? Why not just whip out your Handpresso Auto for a quick caffeine jolt, right in your car! I am such a caffeine addict. If I go a day without my morning coffee, I completely lose my mind, so any invention that feeds my addiction, is fine by me. Via Laughing Squid