More Steak Please

Thursday started off like any other day. Nicole and I woke up in her host apartment and stretched out after a late night... Then we looked at the clock and realized we had slept until 2:00 pm and she had missed her Spanish class.

We frantically sprinted out the door and caught a bus to make it to school for what was left of her classes. While Nicole practiced her conjugation and vocab, I realized I was starving. I had missed breakfast! To fix this, I wandered around the area near Universidad de Bolermo and found a quaint little cafe, the perfect spot to sit and relax for a few hours. So, that is exactly what I did. I set up shop at a table near the window with a book in hand and ordered café con leche, a blueberry muffin, and a smoked salmon sandwich. It was actually really great just to sit and recharge with good food and a hilarious book (Chelsea Handler's "My Horizontal Life").

Nicole and I met up after her class and hopped on the bus back to the apartment to change and pack to move into the friend's apartment we are staying in the rest of the week. I cannot believe how lucky we got. This apartment, located right next to the Peruvian restaurant Chan Chan, is so nice and definitely beats a hostel any day of the week.

For dinner, we met up with Nicole's roommate Natalie and decided on another traditional Argentinian meal (when in Rome!). We settled on the popular restaurant  Don Julio, where the walls are covered in wine bottles, the waiters are trained in the art of wine, and champagne is brought out while you wait for your table. The food was good, but unfortunately not as good as La Cabrera. We devoured hot, steaming bread rolls dipped in chimichirri sauce, grilled provolone cheese, and chorizo to start, then moved on to steak. Sunny and I ordered bife de lomo (I am told this is similar to filet minon), while Nicole ordered a cut that looked like something straight out of the Jurassic Period. And of course, our red wine was delicious, perfectly picked for us by our expert waiter to compliment the food.

After dinner, we felt adventurous and went to a couple of bars and eventually a dance club called Lost that on Thursday's has "hip hop" night (...oh boy). We walked into this club to a huge crowd of people around what I can only describe as a scene from the movie "Step Up". One team after another was break dance battling in the middle of the crowd, doing crazy spins and turns to the beat of the music. The break dancing eventually turned into just dancing so we stayed until around 5:00 am then took a cab home. Let me tell you, waking up this morning was not easy.